Software Testing
Alphatech knows that businesses are increasingly relying upon IT to deliver its strategic objectives speedily and cost-effectively. As IT systems become more complex it’s imperative that professional testing is undertaken throughout the development lifecycle, from business case to production in a short time frame.
Alphatech has developed exceptional testing skills and methodologies derived from more than 13 years of testing experience. By using Alphatech’s testing expertise your organisation can reduce errors in production and avoid the costly expense of developing testing infrastructure and resources. Alphatech’s test analysts can build comprehensive test cases and execute high volume testing in a short time frame, so that testing does not affect delivery date.
One stop testing solution
ALPHATECH provides a one stop testing solution with all related services i.e. test planning, test analysis, test case building and test execution.
Building effective & comprehensive test cases
The quality of testing depends upon the effectiveness of test cases. ALPHATECH has developed a unique technique of building the most effective and comprehensive test cases, which results in more practical and affordable testing.
High volume testing in a short time frame
ALPHATECH has a large pool of resources to execute high volume of testing within a short time span, so that the testing period does not affect product delivery time.
Test Analysts with large range of domain expertise
Test analysts in ALPHATECH have an extensive range of domain expertise, which is crucial for developing quality testing. Domain expertise includes banking, accounting, project management, resource management, billing, practice management.
Why is Alphatech Unique?
Clearly understands your business requirements and deliver right solution
Goes out of the way to keep customer happy as every customer is our reference site
Cost effective offshore service at your door step without compromising quality
Innovative and state of the art programming and software testing methodology
Development process and engagement model tailored as per your business needs